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::*I don't know Judeo-Spanish, I just copied some sentences from other articles and changed the numbers/country name.
::--[[Usador:Mikey641|Mikey641]] ([[Messaje de Usador:Mikey641|discusión]]) 20:39 19 Diz 2016 (UTC)
:::Fine. Glad to have you around. If your copy-and-paste activities aren't grammatically right, one of the other admins who actually speaks JS will step in.
:::If you can think of ways we can recruit people from hewiki to come here and help I'd love to hear them. [[Usador:StevenJ81|StevenJ81]] ([[Messaje de Usador:StevenJ81|discusión]]) • 20 Kislev 5777 • 20:45 19 Diz 2016 (UTC)

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