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(A few points)
#*We'd have to deal with the fact that page and section titles should probably remain in square letters, not Rashi, as was the common practice even JS literature.
So I'd be happy to have Rashi script available here, and even have a version of Main Page in it. But we really need to think carefully about how such a font would be used here. [[Usador:StevenJ81|StevenJ81]] ([[Messaje de Usador:StevenJ81|discusión]]) • 23 Av 5777 • 15:53 15 Ago 2017 (UTC)
:Wow thank you for intuiting me and kindly returning a response :)
:About 2b. I totally agree with you, all titles should be square no matter what.
:So let me start by a couple of question, to understand better...
::The only reason I see these in Rashi, is it because I've Rashi font installed in my pc?
::Just out of curiosity, do you see them in Rashi?
::Is the ''RashiAmiti'' font licenced in a form that the WM can't use it? (I don't really understand much of licenses)
::I mean is it possible to put a request to upload this font into phabricator? (unfortunately I don't know any other Rashi fonts, but I can try to find out). I would be glad if you could enlighten me about this subject a bit :)
:About the second point, let me start by one remark:
::After creating this page - just to see how it will look -, as I was in the house of my cousins, I called my 20-years-old, JS-knowing cousin to see my screen...and as soon as he saw this page, his automatic response was "''Aa, judió!''"...meaning "Ah, JS". He identified it automatically with the language! His modern tongue is Hebrew and he still managed to read it all (albeit with a bit of difficulties recognising mostly "beth").
::What I mean here basically is that, anyone Sephardi, anyone born into the Sephardic culture, identifies this script with Jewish Spanish. There are people, perhaps in their 40s to 60s, who would be extremely interested in JS WP - and who could contribute alot, if they could write in Rashi!
::I don't believe anyone would be discouraged from Rashi, if it was too difficult for anyone to read, there would be always the Latin versions they could read (unless we would want to include both square and rashi variants into the WP...but I think it would simply be too much). On top of it, when they're editing or writing something, everyone would be writing in square versions anyway right?
::And btw, the weekly newspaper "Şalom" in Turkey, dedicates a page to teaching Rashi since many years, and writes so many expressions and sentences in Rashi, on top of which always put a big table with letters and how to read them...and this is something they do since many years!! :)
::The young people who are interested in joining, who speak JS and who knows Hebrew letters...they are usually quite zealous. They want to know more, learn more, contribute more...so all of it is just a tiny effort from their part to recognise some different forms (it took me half an hour to max. an hour to learn Rashi letters, while I had learnt Hebrew letters only 13 months ago...)
::On top of all of it, thinking that this is the original script and most of the literature is in it and many young Ladino speakers want to revive this script, it would be more than awesome to have it here. (Actually it would even encourage me and for sure bring more people to here...)
:PS. The last paragraph here is from a book that I have in the pdf format in JS from 1860. :) --[[Usador:Universal Life|Universal Life]] ([[Messaje de Usador:Universal Life|discusión]]) 21:13 15 Ago 2017 (UTC)

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