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:* 4-6 others I've been holding until the phabricator block is resolved (because what's the point?).
:Let's see where we are this autumn. Shabbat Shalom. [[Usador:StevenJ81|StevenJ81]] ([[Messaje de Usador:StevenJ81|discusión]]) • 23 Tammuz 5779 • 14:18 26 jul 2019 (UTC)
== Repuesta al messaje de "July 2019" ==
Saludes Steven </br>
Thank you so very much for being here while I can't access WP, for keeping an eye and doing all you do. I really appreciate it!
*About [[Chandragupta Maurya]], as you said, it's entirely Castilian Spanish. Not worth keeping articles from other languages, to be translated later. So, I'll go ahead and delete it.
*About Rashi - I agree with you about not marking up each individual page. And as you say, it would be very good to set the font up as a gadget, so that people wanting such a font (or wanting to suppress such a font) could do that. I think that most probably there are some free Rashi fonts, it just needs to be searched on Google I guess.
*About the discussion of rafé or varica, varica ''is'' a variant of rafé and I think that varica was mainly used while writing with Rashi alphabet. However, I have also heard that many printing places have used varying signs instead in the past, for lack of it. (Also with block letters, I think géresh was used.) I think I used rafé when I first started writing in the LadWP, as that was the closest I had. I don't think it's worth the effort to go through every page to change them, at least for now.
*Again, thank you for everything else :)
Take care, </br>
Al vermos --[[Usador:Universal Life|Universal Life]] ([[Messaje de Usador:Universal Life|discusión]]) 16:43 22 ago 2019 (UTC)

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