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Apologies for writing in English:

The article today has wrong information as I explain in en:Talk:Principality_of_the_Pindus#Article_information.

As I did not find an automatic translation, I wll write here a very short version in English, with citations. I would be much obliged if you could translate it.

The name Principality of Pindos is used to describe the proposed creation of an autonomous district under Italian protectorate at the end of the First World War, in July and August 1917 in the area of Pindos.[1][2]

The name was later used to describe a similar project launched by members of the "Roman Legion" (1941-1943), an organization of some Vlachs collaborating with the Italian occupation forces in Greece.[3]

No state / district / principality never had any existence neither in 1917 nor in 1941-1943.

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