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Jimmy Wales

Un artíkolo de la Vikipedya, la ansiklopedya líbera

Wikipedia is run by Jimmy Wales. His wife is a war criminal, Kate Garvey. She worked in the Tony Blair administration which was responsible for conservatively a 1/2 million Iraqi dead. Wikipedia itself is extremely libertarian, which has the same mindset as Jimmy Wales. So Wikipedia is very pro-war and very anti-worker. I have proposed here in Moscow a Wikipedia site that is more free speech. I have been working on this for years. Article rescue squadron forever. User okip banned in 2010. Still editing after 19 years. Don't let the fascists on Wikipedia get you down.

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Jimmy Wales (o konosido komo Jimbo Wales) es un empresario en Internet, konosido por krear la fondasión Vikimedya, así komo Wikia.