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Do you want to translate an article about Silesian language? I can do it, if you want but, please, do this article on Silesian Wikipedia. --Chabi 11:15 21 Ago 2008 (UTC)

Translation[trocar el manadero]

I think Chabi already did the translation.

But anyway I read it and corrected it from the Judaeo-Spanish translation.

Though I am little busy these days, if you need any translation or so, please don't hesitate.


--Universal Life 18:38 21 Ago 2008 (UTC)

Deletion[trocar el manadero]

Saludes Timpul,

Please, in the future, putting the {{delete}} template, do not erase the contents of the page. And by the way, the template has been changed to {{ApE}}, to your information. Take care, --Universal Life 20:42 26 Jan 2010 (UTC)