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Punch list for meta[trocar | editar código]

  • Rashi script

Punch list for Universal Life (for later)[trocar | editar código]

  • General state of stubs
  • Notability guidelines (especially for small or depopulated communities in northern Spain)
  • Duplication (see below):
    1. Large numbers of relatively duplicated templates
    2. Duplicated main/help/entry pages
  • Dio
  • Etnisidad ebreo

Duplicates[trocar | editar código]

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Bot template[trocar | editar código]

We are looking to clean up inactive bots on Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) Wikipedia. Your bot lad:User:fillin has been inactive for over five years. Consistent with the bot policy of this wiki, we will remove the bot permission from your bot account unless you respond within one week at this page. Thank you for your prompt attention.

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