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Punch list for meta[trocar | trocar el manadero]

  • Rashi script

Punch list for Universal Life (for later)[trocar | trocar el manadero]

  • General state of stubs
  • Duplication (see below):
    1. Large numbers of relatively duplicated templates There are still some, but now far fewer.
    2. Duplicated main/help/entry pages
  • Dio
  • Etnisidad ebreo

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Note[trocar | trocar el manadero]

Hi, Marrovi. I'm back from Wikibreak, and want to express again how much I appreciate the work you are putting into this Wikipedia.

I can't possibly catch up with everything you are doing, so I'm going to make a couple of requests and suggestions and ask you if you wouldn't mind focusing your efforts along the following lines over the next few days. Later, I'm very glad to have you go back and do what you are doing now.

  1. If you have not done this already, please go back and make sure that all the articles you are currently creating have, at least, current population and location information. I made just a couple of checks, and see that some articles are still not showing population consistent with eswiki or enwiki. Many of these data are also available on Wikidata, and you could potentially use the {{#property:Pxxx}} parser function to keep the data permanently updated. But if that doesn't work because the Wikidata information was not entered correctly, perhaps make sure you have made an effort to use the latest information.
  2. I think I would discourage you from creating too many alternative-spelling stubs like you have for Meksiko or Yerushalayim. That's ultimately up to you, of course, and by all means use whichever spelling system you prefer for Latin alphabet. But it's a lot of work to create all the Wikidata items and setup iw links for pages that are ultimately stubs. And I don't necessarily think the stubs add a lot to the knowledge found in the Wiki. So here is my suggestion for pages other than the home page—which you are free to challenge:
    • We can have one Latin-script and one Hebrew-script page per subject, even if they are stubs.
    • We can have as many Latin-script pages as you want that are actually complete pages, as opposed to stubs.
    • For any other alternative Latin-script versions you want to create that would otherwise be stubs, let's make them redirects for now, and include the different spelling versions at the top of the page.

I look forward to your answer.

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