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Punch list for meta[trocar | editar código]

  • Bidi editing boxes Yes check.svg OK. Gadget added.
  • Babel automatically categorizes Yes check.svg OK. Taken care of.
  • HotCat Yes check.svg OK. Gadget added.
  • TopIcon Yes check.svg OK. No longer necessary; use <indicator></indicator> instead.
  • Rashi script
  • What is fallback language cascade of this wiki? Yes check.svg OK. It's lad > es > en.

Punch list for Universal Life (for later)[trocar | editar código]

  • General state of stubs
  • Notability guidelines (especially for small or depopulated communities in northern Spain)
  • Duplication (see below):
    1. Large numbers of relatively duplicated templates
    2. Duplicated main/help/entry pages
  • Pajina (see Vikipedya:Pajinas de usuario) vs. hoja (La Primera Hoja) Yes check.svg OK. Hoja.
  • Logo: alef in place of ayin: phabricator:T118491

Template Oy2[trocar | editar código]

 Oy   אויי 
Martes מארטיס
9 Febrero
9 פֿיבֿרירו
30 Shevat
30 שבט

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