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Vikipedya:Wikiproject:Clearing up our Vikipedya

Un artíkolo de la Vikipedya, la ansiklopedya líbera
Wikiproject:Clearing up our Vikipedya

This Wikiproject has been created in order to clear up the whole Judeo-Spanish Wikipedia. This means:

  • Correcting linguistic and orthographic errors.
  • Deleting unnecessary stubs.
  • Improving the current articles.
  • Developing a policy for the near future so as to implement a sustainable growth of the Vikipedya, establishing the articles that need to be created taking into account the public which this version of Wikipedia is aimed at (i.e. establish articles that should be on the Ladino Wikipedia).

For now, the creation of new articles should be stopped as we try to improve the quality of the already existing ones.

Articles that have been written, corrected and ammended by Ladino speakers will be marked to enhance the quality of this Wikipedia.

Given the fact that Sephardim speak more than just Judeo-Spanish, any stub that is not directly related to them and can be found in any other language will be deleted (unless it can be moved to the dictionary).

Here are the articles proposed for deletion:

  • Almost all vilayets and cities. These consist of one single sentence and they don't even have a picture nor a template. For instance, all Egyptian vilayets and Italian provinces.
    • Sorian villages - DONE

New articles[trocar el manadero]

After the clearing up project is finished, priority will be given to articles related to:

  • Sefardim and their history, traditions and culture.
  • Jew- and Judaism-related topics.
  • Israeli topics.

We need to take into account the public that this Wikipedia is addressed to. Will Sephardim be interested in reading articles of few lines about villages? Wouldn't it be better to have more developed articles about topics of interest for Sephardim such as their history or the cities where there are or was an important Sephardic community?

  • Difference between kazal, belediye, provinsia and vilayet.