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Xablón:RTL TOC

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Documentation in English. Please translate!

This pair of templates is to be used when creating RTL pages—particularly Hebrew script pages.

On Hebrew-script pages:

  1. Place any navigation tabs at the top. (See {{TabsH}}.)
  2. Place the template {{RTL top}} next, just before the beginning of the Hebrew-script content (body text and/or templates). This template can (and probably should) be subst:-ed. Any Hebrew-script templates (such as {{איסבוזו}}) should be placed above the {{RTL bottom}} template.
    If the article is long enough for a Table of Contents, placing or subst:-ing the template {{RTL TOC}} may provide better formatting.
  3. Place the template {{RTL bottom}} next.
  4. Categories should be placed at the bottom.