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hello. I'm not sure I understand it correctly, but if ″Es komun servir gefilte fish komo kumida prinsipala en Shabat...″ meens that gefilte fish is served as main course on shabat or that it is served at the main meal, it's not correct. Gefilte fish is served as an appetizer at any shabat or holiday meal. Ajnem 13:41 10 Ago 2010 (UTC)

  • Buenos días Ajnem, yes it almost means that. And could you tell me, you say that it's not correct based on what? (I'm not trying to say it's true or that what you say is wrong, I simply need some basis/source/confirmation) Thank you, -- Universal Life (mi hoja de diskussión ) (hechos) 09:13 14 Ago 2010 (UTC)
    • sorry for not having reacted earlier, take your pick here. But I'm removing the “komo kumida prinsipala” anyway, also in the spanish text. Ajnem 12:34 16 Abr 2011 (UTC)