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@Marrovi: I found a source for this one. But your article basically just said "he was a priest". There is nothing in the article supporting his notability. So please add some facts. Thank you. StevenJ81 (discusión) • 8 Kislev 5777 • 14:46 8 Diz 2016 (UTC)

In Mexico as Latinoamerica many people has got Sephardic Jewish roots by blood, surnames or heritages since Spanish Colonial Period, no by religion, Colonial Santo Oficio was very hard as Cripto-Jews and Jews, 90% adopted the Roman Catholic church as New Christians.--Marrovi (discusión) 15:28 8 Diz 2016 (UTC)
I truly do understand that. But based on the standard of evidence required in Wikipedia, we normally need a reference saying that the person was in fact of Sephardic heritage, or at least that there was research suggesting the probably of it (as the case here with Fr. Miguel).
In the case of Castro, for example, the sources I checked mentioned that there were widespread rumors on web sites that Castro was of Sephardic origin, because his name is frequently found in Sephardic families. But that by itself is not really proof. At best, articles in cases like that could say something like "His family name, Castro [or whatever it is], is frequently associated with Sephardic Jews. However there is no direct evidence of his Sephardic origin."
And separately, one could conceivably argue that almost anyone of Spanish origin is likely to have some Sephardic Jew or other in his heritage. But that means substantially anyone could be of Sephardic origin—and if so, that becomes a useless category and useless fact. What is more important is either (a) whether there is some proof to it, and/or (b) whether the person acknowledges it. StevenJ81 (discusión) • 8 Kislev 5777 • 15:50 8 Diz 2016 (UTC)

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