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Saludes, StevenJ81![editar código]

Venidas buenas i klaras a la Vikipedya Judeo-Espanyola!

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De nuevo, buenas venidas a la Vikipedya Judeo-Espanyola!

Contact[editar código]

Shalom. Do you have a Facebook account? Universal Life and I communicate one with each other in there. I've checked Marrovi's contributions but I will continue with it in four hours time. --Katxis (discusión) 13:36 14 Ocho 2015 (UTC)

Shalom, Katxis. I actually don't. (I've been very concerned that if I ever start in on Facebook I'll disappear, never to return.) He and I communicate by email, and occasionally by WhatsApp. StevenJ81 (discusión) 13:43 14 Ocho 2015 (UTC)
OK. I will ask him for your contact then. --Katxis (discusión) 13:45 14 Ocho 2015 (UTC)
@Katxis and Universal Life: Excellent. Thanks.
(I pinged UL also, both to warn him you would ask, and also to show you both that I imported the "ping" template here. But "ping" is the only alias that works on this wiki, not "reply to" or any other.) StevenJ81 (discusión) 13:49 14 Ocho 2015 (UTC)

Navbox[editar código]

I think that Navbox and nabvox generic are the same as one redirects to the other in the English Wikipedia. --Katxis (discusión) 19:02 16 Ocho 2015 (UTC)

@Katxis: Well, you just created Navbox generic, so that's why I'm asking. I'll just turn it into a redirect to Navbox. שבת שלום. StevenJ81 (discusión) 19:04 16 Ocho 2015 (UTC)

Matematika[editar código]

Don't worry, I made the changes using my account. --Katxis (discusión) 16:58 21 Ocho 2015 (UTC)

No, Katxis, I meant I could have an oversighter hide the IP from the first change, when you were an IP. StevenJ81 (discusión) 17:13 21 Ocho 2015 (UTC)

Propaganda[editar código]

The reason why I reverted those changes was that the user had written non objective information i.e. presenting Catalan independence as the right and "obvious" political path that Catalonia should take. But you are right, I should have written the reason in the summary. --Katxis (discusión) 09:56 25 Ocho 2015 (UTC)

Right, Katxis. And you also need to write on the person's user page that we don't accept propaganda. StevenJ81 (discusión) 13:53 26 Ocho 2015 (UTC)

Cat-A-Lot[editar código]

Hello. Just in case you haven't seen it, I've replied to your question at my Meta talk page. Green Giant (discusión) 00:49 30 Ocho 2015 (UTC)

Respuesta[editar código]

Salom karo Steves,

Li sento muncho por algunos de los artikolos ke tengo echo, ama ay menester en una Ansiklopedya de aver varias informasiones diferentes kuanto a syertos temas. En eshemplo; Bíblia i Muevo Testamento no son la mizma, es emportante deshar klaro a los ke meldan, tenemos ke eksplikar sovre bíblia i muevo testamento, bíblia kristiana i ebrea. Ivrit o ibrit, lo meti porke ni todos los avlantes de Djudeo-espanyol avlan ivrit, entonse lo meti para los ke no konosen tal forma pueda konoser i entender ke es solamente una pronunsia diferente a Ivrit. Kuanto al artikolo Torah i Torá, lo sento muncho, izi porke no teniya konosimiento ke ya aviya un artikolo nombrado Torá.

Saludos,. (discusión) 18:01 15 Nov 2015 (UTC)

Shalom to you, dear I'm pretty sure I understood your message. If you need me to respond in Hebrew or Spanish I will. (It's a separate question how someone who does not really speak JS has come to be administrator here. That's an explanation for a different time.)
I have no trouble with articles like Muevo Testamento and others that distinguish between Jewish and Christian views of the Bible. I'm mainly worried about true duplicate articles like Ibrit and Lingua ebrea or Torah and Torá. Here is what I would hope you could do:
  1. Before you start an article, do a search for it, using some different possible spellings and even descriptions. (We allow at least four different Latin spelling systems here, plus alef-bet. See La Primera Hoja.) If there is an article there, then certainly add alternative spellings:
    Lingua ebrea (o ivrit or ibrit) ...
    ...and feel free to create a redirect from your preferred spelling. (If you do not know what a "redirect" is, let me know.) But don't create a duplicate article, unless it is in Hebrew script.
  2. Similarly, don't automatically change the spelling of certain words in other articles. If you think they will actually not be understandable to some speakers of JS, then add your spelling in parentheses. But don't automaticallly change what's there. If you have particular questions about what spelling to use, ask Usador:Universal Life or Usador:Katxis.
  3. Please "merge" the new articles you added into existing articles. Again, I don't mean Muevo Testamento into Biblia: For that I added a reference link, which was appropriate. I mean articles that are really the same (Torah and Torá). Once you have done that, we will create redirects in place of your articles, so the spelling is captured and the reader is directed to the right place.
I hope you can understand my response. Thank you for listening to my suggestions. StevenJ81 (discusión) 14:50 16 Nov 2015 (UTC)

Meshiko[editar código]

Hi shalom my friend, I'm Mexican, is a pleasure write about Sephardic people, my country is a Sephardic land since Spanish colonial time. Greetings.--Marrovi (discusión) 02:59 30 Nov 2015 (UTC)

Categories[editar código]

Don't worry, English is fine. :-) I created the Category:Helsinki just because there were a page with the red link to that category, but I understand that with just one article inside it is almost useless. Some other small wiki does not care about almost emty categories, also because they should be filled with the time, but now I will remember that on you need at least some articles before a category is created. ;-) Ciao! --Phyrexian ɸ 19:08 6 Abr 2016 (UTC)