Un artíkolo de la Vikipedya, la ansiklopedya líbera
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This is an English to Judaeo-Spanish dictionary for words used in the Judaeo-Spanish Wikimedia Projects, such as the Wikipedia and Wiktionary. This page is intended to help English speakers who don't speak Judaeo-Spanish or speak it but are looking for specific terms to be used within the Wikipedia. Alternatives to these terms do exist, however here are the ones that have been chosen for use in the body of the Wikipedia.

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A[trocar el manadero]

  • article - artíkolo

B[trocar el manadero]

  • build - fraguar

C[trocar el manadero]

D[trocar el manadero]

  • discussion - diskusyón

E[trocar el manadero]

  • edit (v) - trocar (edditar)
  • encyclopaedia or encyclopedia - ansiklopedya

F[trocar el manadero]

  • free - líbero (m), líbera (f)

H[trocar el manadero]

  • help (n) - ayudo
  • help (v) - ayudar

J[trocar el manadero]

  • Judaeo-Spanish or Judeo-Spanish - judeo-español

L[trocar el manadero]

  • Ladino See Judaeo-Spanish
  • language - lingua
  • licence or license (n) - lecencia
  • link - atamiento
  • log in - entrar
  • log out - salir

M[trocar el manadero]

O[trocar el manadero]

  • open - avierto (m), avierta (f)

P[trocar el manadero]

  • page - hoja
  • portal - portal
  • project - projeto

Q[trocar el manadero]

  • question (n) - demanda, pregunta

S[trocar el manadero]

  • sandbox - kuti de prova

U[trocar el manadero]

  • user - usador

W[trocar el manadero]

  • welcome - venido bueno (m), venida buena (f), venidos buenos (p)
  • wiki - víki
  • Wikipedia - Vikipedya
  • Wikipedian - Vikipedyano
  • write - escrivir