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Komo meldar i eskrivir[trocar el manadero]

Universal Life, kualo izites? Deke trokas la K por la C? En la Ortografiya de Aki Yerushalayim no se uza esta letra para este sonete. --Jewbask 18:07 15 Nov 2009 (UTC)

  • Aquí no usamos más la ortografía de Aki Yerushalayim, por razones que ya te espliquí, en la página tuya. --Universal Life 18:46 15 Nov 2009 (UTC)
I kualo azer kuando ankontramos un artikolo kon otra grafia, komo la de Aki Yerushalayim, por egzempio? O la del Marroko? o la de Sarajevo? Le trokamos la su grafiya? --Jewbask 19:05 15 Nov 2009 (UTC)
Te dexí la repuesta en mi página de discuśión. --Universal Life 22:58 15 Nov 2009 (UTC)

Calendar months and days of the week (Gregorian and Hebrew calendars)[trocar el manadero]

My apologies for writing in English.

Is there actually an established consensus here for how to handle writing out dates? Or does it simply depend on who is writing?

Here is why I am asking.

I have adapted a template from English Wikipedia for several other Wikipedias, including Hebrew and Yiddish. You can see an example here: he:תבנית:פרטי היום, and follow the interwiki links there for other versions. The question is, though: how to state the dates here.

As things currently stand, the parser function for returning dates uses the following forms for months and days of the week:
Shevat Adhar I Adhar II Nissán Iyyar Siván Tammuz Av Elul Ḥeshván Tishri Ḥeshván Kislev Teveth
jenero febrero março abril mayo junio julio agosto septembre oktobre novembre decembre jenero
Miércoles Juğeves Viernes Shabbath Alhadh Lunes martes Miércoles

Aside from the fact that there are several different writing systems available to write JE in the latin alphabet, there is also the issue of the Hebrew alphabet to consider. For ideas, I looked at the Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia, and learned that there months and days of the week are written in both alphabets, Latin and Cyrillic. And I thought that would be a good idea here, too. So I have two questions:

  1. What do people think of that idea?
  2. Are the forms currently available adequate for the Latin alphabet version, or should I change them (Heshvan/Kheshvan/Jheshvan, etc.)?

Thank you. StevenJ81 (discusión) 15:29 23 Juñ 2015 (UTC)