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Buenos Dias, Sefaradhi![trocar el manadero]

Venidas buenas i claras a la Vikipedya Judeo-Espanyola!

¡Na! Aquí están unos linkes para ayudárte:

De nuevo, buenas venidas a la Vikipedya Judeo-Espanyola!

StevenJ81 (discusión) • 12 Shevat 5777 • 04:58 8 Feb 2017 (UTC)

I'm delighted to have you here. I can really use some help with some things. And while I don't want to interfere with your working on content directly, if you can help me a little with reviewing some others' work, I'd be most appreciative. Thanks. StevenJ81 (discusión) • 12 Shevat 5777 • 05:04 8 Feb 2017 (UTC)
¡Ciao! Munças grasyas por mesaje, me gustarya ayudarvoz kon la vikipedya. no es problem si tenga uds hojas a lo ke me kera mirar, ma es posible ke pueda pasar tyempo antes de puedo azerlo. Solo problem es ke aunke konozko l'alef bet ebreo, no so tan bueno a eskrivyendo en el ebreo. Tambyen munços eskriven en maneras diversas ma esto alegre ver munços ke avlan el ladino. Byen ¡mas shukurs! - Sefaradhi (diskusyon) / 12 Sh'vat 5777 / 8 Febrero 2017 / 16:32 (UTC)
I appreciate that, thank you. (I used some creative reworking and Google Translate to understand.) Just so you know, I'm writing in English because (a) I really do not write or speak Judeo-Spanish, and (b) you come from Texas, so I suppose you speak English. (How I became the administrator here anyway is a long story.) And while you should always feel free to respond in JS, since this is Wikipedia in JS, by all means do that—but understand that I don't speak it so well.
I appreciate that there are different orthographic systems—our home page is presented in four different Latin-alphabet systems, along with alef-bet—and that you are not as comfortable with orthography in alef-bet. Fine. Don't need you to worry about those, except perhaps to correct things if you see an inconsistent system on the same page. Very briefly, the issues are:
  • Some contributors writing in modern Castilian, not JS, though sometimes trying to mask that with superficial spelling changes.
  • Some contributors cutting and pasting articles sloppily, so that four different articles about towns show the same population.
  • Some contributors writing with a non-neutral point of view (see en:WP:NPOV).
  • General problem with too few references. (References do not have to be in JS.)
Since I don't really understand JS, I am only able to catch some of #2, and (rarely) a little of #3. That's it. So if you come across any of that, by all means feel free to fix. Definitely feel free to add references. And I'll get a little more specific once you've become a little more comfortable. Again, though, venidas buenas, or barukh haba. StevenJ81 (discusión) • 13 Shevat 5777 • 22:52 8 Feb 2017 (UTC)
Sorry about that! I have certainly noticed the modern Spanish intrusion the most, and I can definitely work on that. For my reference, I do not know how the flagging works on here, does the Ladino Wikipedia have its own flagging system or does it use that of the English or Spanish Wikipedias? If it has its own, I'd appreciate a link, I'm having trouble finding any technical pages on here like are on other Wikipedias with coding and such. I was able to see the Hebrew alphabet transliteration page though, and that's certainly very helpful! Munças grasyas a mueva! - Sefaradhi (diskusyon) / 12 Sh'vat 5777 / 8 Febrero 2017 / 22:11 (UTC)

Marrovi[trocar el manadero]

Shalom; voy a presisad muncho ayudo de usted, azia falta muevos editores en Vikopedya; soy del Meksiko i gusto de embezad ladino, uzo kaji sempre la ortografia de AKI YERUSHALAYIM, ma en vezes estoy kriado artikolos kon ortografia turkana komo Meksiko (grafiya turka), mersi o grasyas si podes darme ayudo. --Marrovi (discusión) 12:48 9 Feb 2017 (UTC)

Venido bueno, shalom, ayinda no ay unika ortografia, el djudeo-espanyol aki lavora kon el buto de azed una ortografia en Aki Yerushalayim o turkana, ansina komo la ortografia rashí. Grasyas, shukur al Dio.Marrovi (discusión) 14:08 6 mar 2018 (UTC)

Asia i Asya[trocar el manadero]

Aki kedan dos formas de ortografia en djudeo-espanyol, version Aki Yerushalayim Asia i Version Turkana Asya ke es la ke vos aze edision._Marrovi (discusión) 05:35 7 mar 2018 (UTC)