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Un artíkolo de la Vikipedya, la ansiklopedya líbera

Buenos Dias, Qehath![trocar el manadero]

Venidas buenas i claras a la Vikipedia Judeo-Española!

¡Na! Aquí están unos linkes para ayudárte:

De nuevo, buenas venidas a la Vikipedia Judeo-Española!

Just to let you know: I'm the most active sysop here, and I'm an Anglo (who doesn't even really speak JS, but that's a different story). So feel free to be in touch if you have any questions. StevenJ81 (discusión) • 26 Elul 5779 • 20:14 25 sep 2019 (UTC)[responder]

I am curious how that came about :) I imagine not many Wikipedias have a most active sysop who isn't somewhat fluent in their language. Qehath (discusión) 21:50 25 sep 2019 (UTC)[responder]
And not only that — I'm not even fluent in the fallback language (Spanish)! (OK, I can usually piece through that, because my French is good, and I have Hebrew, which is useful here.)
It's pretty much captured here. Originally, I showed up for the purpose of fixing up formatting on Hebrew-script pages. (They were left-aligned, not right-aligned, etc., etc.) The admins here thought I was doing a good job—I knew how to do a lot of the structural work–and invited me to stay on permanently. So here I am. This is the first project where I was sysop; eventually I became sysop at Incubator (through initially working to clean up the JS test projects there) and at Meta (initially for chasing cross-wiki vandals between Incubator and the new language request pages at Meta). Funny how it all works out. StevenJ81 (discusión) • 26 Elul 5779 • 14:44 26 sep 2019 (UTC)[responder]
החיים הם כך — very funny...
I've been a sysop on English wiktionary for a long time, maybe more than ten years. I built a lot of conjugation and inflection tables for a variety of languages (hence my edits to Kondjugasion de verbos en djudeo-espanyol).Qehath (discusión) 15:02 26 sep 2019 (UTC)[responder]
The only question I'd ask about that page is whether there are any Hebrew verbs regularly incorporated into Judeo-Spanish that are effectively conjugated in Hebrew ... or for that matter, effectively conjugated in Medieval Spanish. StevenJ81 (discusión) • 27 Elul 5779 • 21:08 26 sep 2019 (UTC)[responder]
I think most of the Hebrew-derived words I've seen in Ladino have been nouns, sometimes with Latin-derived suffixes (like havransa, a word for friendship from חבר), with a few Turkish-derived verbs that are conjugated like other Ladino verbs. Qehath (discusión) 21:37 26 sep 2019 (UTC)[responder]

¡Saludos, Qehath![trocar el manadero]

Hola, te escribo en castellano porque no hablo el Djidio (pero puedo leer y entender muchas palabras); me doy cuenta de que eres un nuevo editor aquí en, así que te doy la Bienvenida. ;) --Sergio Junior from Brazil (discusión) 22:13 27 sep 2019 (UTC)[responder]